Jonathan Hibbert Foundation

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We are proud to say each year the JHF hosted at Munro College St Elizabeth Jamaica gets bigger and better every year.

The day started with the Munro, Black River and Glenmuir players doing soccer drills and warm ups for the camera while waiting for the other teams to show up.

This year we had more U.S Coaches than ever before.

We had coaches from William Carey Lynn, Navarro College, Newberry College, Harding University, Shorter University, West Georgia University, Auburn Montgomery, University of Maine, University of Cincinnati and James Madison University.

In all we had 374 students from parishes all over Jamaica such as Munro, Black River, Glemuir, Belair, STETHS, Excelsior girls, Edith Dalton James, Jamaica College, Wolmer, Waterhouse Club and Lennon High School competing in mixed teams to impress the coaches. As always the teams started with team tactics and a prayer.

Both the coaches and the match officials were impressed with the standard of play at this year’s competition and the professionalism shown by our past students who administered proceedings on the day.

Big thanks to Barry, Kevin, Rodino and Dadrian.

This year under the watchful eyes of the visiting coaches we surpassed earlier scholarship totals with 60+ scholarships being offered to students.

Donation of sports bras to Edith Dalton James HS

Big thanks to the Soccer Store who joined us as one of our sponsors this year providing all 450 bibs for our players to wear this year and as always to the match officials who kept the games flowing and our caterers who kept the players feed.


On Saturday, 8th January 2011 at Munro College, St. Elizabeth we staged the Annual Jonathan Hibbert Memorial Cup.

Now entering its sixth year, the soccer tournament facilitates scholarship opportunities to young people aged 17-23 in Jamaica. Since inception, 65 students have obtained scholarships through the Foundation; 61 in soccer and 4 in basketball.

Present at this year’s tournament were coaches from several U.S. Universities including the Head Soccer Coach from University of Maine at Fort Kent men’s and women’s soccer teams who captured the United States Collegiate Athletic Association national in 2010.

On offer were several 100% scholarships for those who choose to study Mathematics and Science. There were also several women’s soccer scholarships on offer. Colleges/ Universities are looking not only for good athletic ability but depending on the school they want SAT scores of 860+ or 18 ACT, minimum 2.00 GPA, and for you to be in the top 50% of your graduating class.

Prospective scholarship awardees should bring along high school transcripts, and S.A.T. results (if available), one passport size photograph and a $100 administration fee if attending future memorial cups.

Preparing to Get a Scholarship to go to the States

In 2007  there were 50 scholarships on offer from the attending US Universities, unfortunately, though, due to a combination of poor results in the Scholarship Aptitude Test (SAT) exams and students’ not taking these exams at all, only a total of 10 were taken up. Each Scholarship is worth on average $U.S24,000 per year which in total is worth approx $U.S100,000 over the 4 year course. You must commit to doing your SATs and keeping up your grade average in school.

The transition to the  States will not always be easy, there will be a mountain of paperwork to process to sort out your scholarship, accommodation and visa. It is vital therefore that you keep the contact details on your profile up to date so the U.S coach can get in touch with you if they need more information.

You maybe one of the lucky ones and get offers made by more than one University. You need to take into consideration the location of the University so how easy will it be for you to get there, do you have any family close by if you get into difficulties, if all your family live in New York do you want to be on the other side of the country? Also maybe consider contacting past students to see how they found living and studying there or how easy it is to find part time work etc your scholarship will not cover everything. You can see past students listed by University on the successful stories page and most are also available on our Facebook page.

A student’s story

“I had passed my SATs, showed my skills on the pitch and got myself the scholarship so I thought the hard part was over how wrong could I be. Going away to college was the first time I had ever left home and had to fend for myself.

I was one of the lucky ones on a full scholarship but there was so much it didn’t cover like, posters to make my room homey, a radio to hear the news from home, soap, toothpaste, money to print your assignments or the $2-3 to wash my clothes every week. Little things I know but when you are away from home everything becomes a big deal.

The money from the fund really helped. I remember the first time I saw snow. I had only been at the college a few weeks and the weather changed. That year I really learned to understand the meaning of the word COLD. Having grown up in Jamaica nothing prepared me for the shock, the t-shirts and light jacket I brought with me were no good against that sort of weather. My family just about made enough money to support themselves, sending money to me just was not an option for them. The fund helped me buy a coat and arranged for one of the sponsors to pay for my flight home to see my family for Christmas.

Without that additional help I would have never made it to my final year. As soon as I start working I plan to give back, even if only a can give back a few dollars a month.”

That student has now graduate from his Business Studies degree course, has married works and helps us organise the JHF tournament each year.

You need to prepare yourself for the change of not having friends and family close by and being more self sufficient. You will of course make new friends and you will experience exciting new things (like snow if not based in the South). The JHF now has 65 students on scholarships and we have limited resources.  We will not always be able to help in the same way we did  when we had 4 students so it is important that you put appropriate support structures in place so you can enjoy the benefits that studying and playing in the States brings without the stress factors.


Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”.

Nelson Mandela